An analysis of the Corporate and Business Strategies

The automotive industry is currently facing the “disruptive wave” of technology. Vehicles need to be aligned with the current states of technology and consumer demands. Original Equipment Manufacturers and suppliers need to consider how to re-structure their business models, and re-allocate their resources and capabilities to develop a new form of competitive advantage that effectively utilizes these technologies. This means re-assessing and refining strategy at a corporate and business level. Understanding the macro and industry environments is an important consideration to make before embarking on the strategic planning process.

This conference will bring together the key stakeholders of the industry, from OEM leaders, high-tech suppliers, government and regulatory bodies, and researchers to discuss automotive connectivity from a Corporate and Business strategy perspective. Attendees will have the chance to join a global network of experts in the field and benefit from gaining and sharing analytical insights into the main automotive trends.

Key Practical Learning Points of the Summit:

– Sustainability and competitive advantages in times of a “disruptive wave‘ and rapid development
– Examining the new business model for profitability with data
– Value re-distribution- vertical and horizontal integration of supply and value chains
– The future of the automobile as a vehicle for digital innovations
– Security Challenges and the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) triad
– A paradigm shift in consumer behaviour/preferences/wants
– Enabling technologies of connected cars
– Smart operating systems are the new engines of performance
– Digital infrastructure- An ecosystem ramp to the future of transport
– Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Infrastructure
– Legal and regulatory bodies and the adjustment to fast-developing technologies and technology life cycles

Who Should Attend:

CEOs / Presidents / Chief Executives, Directors, Vice Presidents, Department Heads, Leaders, and Managers specialising in:

Corporate Strategy
Business Strategy
Regulatory Affairs
Connected Car and Services
Connectivity Solutions
Autonomous Driving
Data and Product Security and Cyber-security
Fleet Management
Innovation Management
Digitalization Management
Connected Services
Smart mobility
Information Technology
Customer experience
Product Development and Planning
Network Development
Transport Network Planning
Intelligent Transport Systems

Target Audience:

– Automotive manufacturers and retailers
– High-tech suppliers
– Telecommunications companies
– Insurance agents
– Vehicle fleet companies
– Automotive/ Intelligent Transportation Magazine
– Automotive emissions, fuel economy and aftermarket solutions provider
– National and local authorities (Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Cities’ department of transport- Roads Office Section, Road Network Section
– Automotive mobility| Internet of Things Association
– Research organizations and departments of transportation and new mobility and connectivity solutions   for vehicles

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