• 25 April, 2019
  • 26 April, 2019
  • Munich

Robots with the development of artificial intelligence are transforming the world by providing automated solutions to manufacturing process and supply chains. By adopting robotics and AI in factories and warehouse, many companies are able to boost its operational efficiency and improve their USP with better-quality products and services. Thus, we would like to invite youto the World Summit on Industrial Automation will be the first time held in Munich, Germany in 2019- one of the most developing countries in robotics. This World Summit will open the chances for companies to exchange their knowledge about robotic innovations, explore the practical adoption of robots in SME with the awareness of safety standards. Full spectrum of technologies and automated process will be provided with the possibility of product showcasing.

Professionals and leaders are welcome to the event to discuss a supportive regulatory framework to encourage robotics development and deployment with regulators, discover machine learning and AI implications in robotics in different regions in the world as well as explore the new role of robots in sustainable value creation in society.

Key Practical Learning Points of the Summit:

•     Regulators’ perspectives on industrial robotics
•     Recent innovations in robotics for manufacturing
•     Towards the deployment of SME robots
•     The vision for electronics manufacturing
•     Safety standards for industrial robots
•     Exploring embodiment concepts in robotics
•     Impacts of AI and Machine learning on Robots’ capabilities
•     Practical implications of robots in supply chain management

Who Should Attend:

CEOs, CIOs, VPs, CTOs, Directors, Department Heads, Technical Analysts, Research Engineers, Specialists, Government officers specializing in:

•     Software, Middleware and Programming
•     Simulation and Animation
•     AI-Based Methods
•     Big Data in Robotics and Automation
•     Failure Detection and Recovery
•     Learning from Demonstration
•     Model Learning for Control
•     Prosthetics and Exoskeletons
•     Additive Manufacturing
•     Robotic Applications
•     Computer Vision for Automation
•     Deep Learning in Robotics and Automation
•     Flexible Robots
•     Cognitive Human-Robot Interaction
•     Assembly
•     Manufacturing, Maintenance and Supply Chains
•     Task Planning
•     Medical Robots and Systems
•     Compliance and Impedance Control
•     Distributed Robot Systems
•     Learning and Adaptive Systems
•     Physical Human-Robot Interaction
•     Control Architectures and Programming
•     Cooperating Robots
•     Agricultural Automation
•     Computational Geometry
•     Computer Vision for Manufacturing
•     Ethics and Philosophy
•     Inventory management
•     Logistics
•     Planning, Scheduling and Coordination
•     Semiconductor Manufacturing
•     Wheeled Robots
•     Robot Safety
•     Sensor-based Control
•     Human-Centered Automation
•     Human-Centered Robotics
•     Industrial Robots
•     Sustainable Production and Service Automation
•     Compliant Assembly
•     Factory Automation
•     Intelligent and Flexible Manufacturing
•     Optimization and Optimal Control
•     Product Design, Development and Prototyping

Target Audience:

•     Software and Hardware Developers
•     Global 2000 Businesses
•     OEMs and Manufacturers
•     Producers of Robotics and Intelligent Solutions
•     Researchers and Academics Media Representatives
•     Technology/Business Analysts
•     Investment Professionals


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Event Schedule
Day 1 :
8:30 Registration and Welcome Coffee
9:00 Opening remarks from the Chairman
9:10 Speed networking
9:30 Regional Roundtable: Recent advances in industrial robotics (Asian, EU, and American representatives)
10:00 Case study: Embodiment concepts in robotics
10:40 Case study: Collaborative robots safety: Design and Deployment
11:20 Case study: Morning Coffee and Networking Break
12:00 Case study: Rewrite safety standards for industrial robots
12:40 Lunch Break
13:20 Case study: Vision for electronics manufacturing and the possibility of replacing semiconductors
14:00 Panel Discussion: Regulatory framework and policies to support Industrial robotics
14:40 Afternoon Coffee Break
15:10 The use of Hyundai Exoskeleton in manufacturing
17:20 Closing remarks from the Chairman and End of Day One
18:00 Networking Dinner/ Drink reception
Day 2 :
Individual Registration
Group Registration