• 16 May, 2019
  • 17 May, 2019
  • Berlin

The market of Prefilled syringes & Injections is growing at an incredible rate with no signs of slowing down. The value of the market is estimated to hit 7.9B USD by 2024. Prefilled syringes provide an easier way to perform drug delivery through injection as compared to traditional ways. In addition to this, it saves time and efforts of healthcare practitioners. It also reduces the wastage of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). The demand for prefilled syringes is rising due to increase in patient safety and efforts of healthcare professionals to reduce the hospital errors. Pharma and Healthcare organizations have to meet this demand while dealing with the regulatory and manufacturing challenges. The Prefilled Syringes & Injections Summit 2019 will provide a comprehensive overview for market participants to overcome common industry hurdles and gain knowledge by fostering industry relationships, providing the opportunity for the development of innovative business solutions.

Key Practical Learning Points of the Summit:

•     Connected Device – The Next Big Thing in Injectables
•     The need for a reliable supply chain and how to create it strategically
•     Current market developments, trends, and needs for Pre-Filled Syringes (PFS) and injection devices
•     Patient centricity
•     Industry roadmap and value chain
•     Next generation design and materials for PFS
•     Latest technical, quality, and regulatory considerations for injection devices
•     Risk management background and the development
•     Combination products and auto-injectors: challenges and opportunities
•     Clinical case studies
•     Injection Devices: Critical Attributes and Risk Management
•     Patient centric design considerations for PFS
•     Interface between drug, device and patient
•     EU MDR considerations for developing the roadmap regulatory strategy

Who Should Attend:

CEOs, VPs, Drug developers, Academics and Researchers, Engineers, CROs, Scientists and Medical Doctors of:

•     Bioprocess Research and Development
•     Business Development
•     Combination Products
•     Container Development
•     Controls and Robotics
•     Device Development & Manufacturing
•     Device Engineering & Design
•     Drug Delivery & Devices
•     Research and Development
•     Risk Management
•     Sterile Products
•     Vaccines
•     Validation
•     Extractables & Leachables
•     Human Factors
•     Injectables
•     Materials Development
•     Medical & Connected Devices
•     Parenterals
•     QA/QC
•     Regulatory Affairs
•     Drug Packaging

Target Audience:

•     Pharmaceutical companies
•     Health-care companies
•     Biomedical companies
•     Biotech companies
•     Hospitals
•     Device Manufacturers

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