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BSG is based upon a revolutionary business model which has been generated by experienced professionals with a solid track record in international sales, procurement management and executive event production.

Each conference is different and requires a tailored approach. For example, the conference production for a business case on Risk Management in the oil pipeline sector requires a different set up from that of a network event for IT R&D managers. Likewise, the goal of a conference could be to meet like-minded executives in an inspirational setting, or to provide clarification on a complex strategic or technological business case.

For each conference we compose a specialised team out of our international network of PR, production management and industry specialists. To us there only matters one thing; that we always provide our clients with a conference accurately fitting their professional needs.


Academic management research shows that knowledge is a crucial asset for companies concerning sustained competitive advantage. Markets provide opportunities for companies to succeed in organizing themselves around new information on industry trends and technology. Those are the companies that can and will innovate.

Improved technologies and strategies are required for innovation. The only possible fuel for innovation are ideas. Ideas arise when the right people, get the right information, in the right context.

As an executive event management company, BSG uses its extensive international network in top-executive event management to bring together industry leaders, lawmakers and experts.

Our goal has always been to answer complex business cases by providing
a platform through which organizations can share
ideas and expand their strategic networks.


New ideas on technology and business opportunities are generated constantly. Never before have these ideas been shared as quickly and frequently as today. The latter results in rapidly changing industry trends and consequently, the need for companies to adapt efficiently.

The ability to adapt is subject to the degree to which companies succeed in translating new ideas into business practice. People are the key element within this process.

BSG empowers executives by bringing them together
in a highly stimulating environment. The results Unparalleled dynamics
that you will encounter only at our conferences.

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